Before you get too excited, this isn’t me asking if you’d like to be sandwiched between Donnie Wahlberg and Mark Wahlberg (although, who would be mad at that?) Donnie, Mark and their brother Paul are about to open yet another restaurant. The trio (along with their business partner) have just jumped over the final legal hoop to secure the name Wahlburgers. The name had been previously trademarked by someone else.

The brothers and their business partner Ed St. Croix stated that the named just fit and that they thought adding the brothers on to the brand would help sell product. The boys just had to work with Tom Wahl’s, a burger joint in Rochester, NY which actually currently serves a Wahlburger. The boys did have some back-up names in case the deal fell through, but they haven’t been released for fear of confusion.

So where can you grab a Wahlburger. The first joint will open at the Hingham Shipyard, across from their already successful Italian restaurant Alma Nove which is named in honor of their mother. So sweet. The group would also like to open a pizza place next year. The Wahlburger establishment promises to be quite the place to be. The restaurant will take up 4,300 square feet with capacity of 80 people inside and another 40 on the spacious patio. They were also just approved for a full-liquor license. Sounds like a party.

The shipyard only opened two years ago but has been an overwhelming success economically for the town bringing in twice the expected meal tax revenue. With their first restaurant located close the yard being a complete success, I don’t doubt this fast food friend will have much trouble getting off the ground either. Are you looking forward to trying a Wahlburger?