One of the perks of living in LA (aside form the ability to constantly work on my tan) is the exposure to up and coming artists.  Last week I was fortunate enough to catch a show by one such artist.  Her name, VV Brown – write it down because I bet you’ll start hearing/seeing it a lot more.

I was first introduced to VV last month by a friend and I fell in love with her song “Shark in the Water” instantly.  It’s catchy, upbeat and energetic.  Totally a song to put on in any mood and it’ll have you singing along and tapping your feet, possibly clapping (I’ve perfected this in my car in between shifting and holding the steering wheel).  Anyway, Donovan was able to score a couple tickets to her show at the Troubadour in West Hollywood so I grabbed my new neighbor Seth, (I have neighbor-friends for the first time ever, love this) and we hit up the concert.  It. Was. Ah-maz-ing.

One of the biggest things I loved about her show was that she actually started on time, which is rare, but much appreciated.  Right from the get-go VV brought the energy and maintained it the whole show.  She was dressed in this weird cream/linen dress thing that had a huge gold belted midsection, I dunno what to call it, but it was very indie/simple, but cute.  She had me a little worried with her orange eye mask that was painted on her face.  A little reminiscent of Ke$ha’s glow in the dark eye band, but VV wasn’t a bumbling fool so I didn’t mind much.  Oh, and she had her signature rolled bangs.  I want them.

On to the music.  SO GOOD!  When I moved down here I told myself that I wanted to expand my music base to be more than top 40 remixes and I was thrilled to start off this new venture at VV’s concert.  This girl knows how to sing and her show featured a range of quick-tempo up beat songs to the more slower, chill stuff.  At one point she pulls out an umbrella and started singing her song “I Love You.”  Strangely, the umbrella really helped you feel the emotion in the song.  On the stage, she had her band mates as well as some instruments and fun stuff for her to play like a synthesizer, drum and even a gong.  Fun fact:  she wrote the whole album on a 12-string guitar because couldn’t afford a keyboard.    Now however, she has a keyboard and used it for “Traveling Like the Light.”  Another awesome song.  I can’t afford a 12-string guitar, so maybe I’ll attach some rubber bands to a box with a hole in it and become… famous?  She sang about 12 or 13 songs, which was awesome because I couldn’t get enough, and finished up her set with “Shark in the Water” and the crowd (myself included) went crazy.  All-in-all, an super concert.

If you’re looking for another British singer to add to your iTunes, definitely add VV Brown to your list.  Check out some of my favorites of hers below:

Shark in the Water

Game Over