Vivica A. Fox Bans Gay Men From Her Male Strip Show ‘Black Magic’

And this is why The Chippendales is the best male revue show in the world It’s all about inclusion there.

While promoting her new Lifetime show, Black Magic, which I was actually looking forward to until this, Vivica A. Fox revealed gay men were persona non grata at her upcoming Magic Mike-like show. The Breakfast Club radio hosts asked if the talent would dance for gay patrons. The 52-year-old actress responded immediately, “Hell no.” She added “Back all that up. They don’t need to. They dance for women. It’s called the ultimate girls night out for a reason.”

When asked by the radio DJ, “Money is money, though.” One of Vivica’s dancers said in response, “We don’t need that kind of money, though.” Homophobic much.

Naturally, Vivica faced backlash on social media. She eloquently responded by called them “trash” and accused them of “trying to steal her joy.” Girl bye!!! And I USED to be a fan of Fox too.

Do you think gay men should be allowed in? Are you going to tune in to watch Black Magic? Weigh in below.