Viva Barcelona!


So let’s start from the beginning. Yes I met “S” in a personals site and we became good online friends for over 5 years. We would talk about our current relationships, life, career & everything else. Mind you…our online relationship was very platonic. Last year, we found ourselves both single and decided we would meet. I didn’t want to go all the way to Barcelona, just in case it didn’t work out. I didn’t want to be stuck in a foreign country, specially not really knowing how to speak Spanish. So we decided to meet up in LA (April of last year) where we both had mutual friends. We spent 5 days together in LA and got on really well. Towards the end of the visit, we started talking about me visting him in Barcelona. I was not opposed to the idea since I’d never been to Europe and actually really wanted to see Spain anyway. What a perfect way to see a new country than to have a native be your tour guide.

So a month or so after LA, I find myself in Spain and was visiting for 2 weeks. S was the perfect host and took me to see all the sites I wanted to see and a few that he thought I should see. He lived about 30 minutes from the city centre in an area called La Floresta. We would sometimes take the motor bike into the city when it was warm and sunny and the car when it was a bit chilly and wet. He also had a boat which we took out several times during the trip on the beaches of Barcelona and Costa Brava.

Yes, I eventually fell for S. The circumstances played a huge part like a foreign man & a foreign country. How romantic is it taking the boat out in the middle of the sea just he and I? Eventually I had to let go of this fairytale since it wasn’t realistic and because he still had ongoing issues with his ex bf. Despite all this though, I did have an amazing and unforgettable trip to Spain and will remain good friends with S.

  • bruin

    he’s beautiful, youre beautiful…it’s obvious you knew that you we’re going to get hurt if you went but like you i would have gone in a heart beat anyway . ever consider moving? life is too short for these circumstances, ugh!

  • Aww thanks Bruin. We’ve stayed good friends and I’m actually off to Barcelona & Frankfurt this Saturday! Although the romance is no longer there… I’m sure we’ll still have a good time as friends.

  • bruin

    ah Redd you make me chuckle. by now you should know that only Europe has that special charm that could turn any friendship into a full on romance. your brain is telling you one thing but follow your heart. if you truly & perfectly connect with “S” on various levels if you should just go for it! and go to Italy (milan/venice for distance)! Frankfurt is -_-….ice cream ice cream….you are so close

  • It is what it is… wouldn’t it be amazing to live in Europe. I need to get on that.

  • bruin

    time to get on that spanish or italian!

    uk is too cold :(…and $$$$$!