This is hilarious – it is Vital that you watch it. So Mike has this business/product called Vital Energy (an energy drink that has as much caffeine as two Redbulls). Mike’s mom doesn’t like when these drinks are on the first floor. If she finds one she throws it out. A little OCD that way.

So the scenario is Mike’s parents have gone away to Colorado for the weekend. Their return home did not go as smoothly as they thought and of course are completely exhausted as they arrive. Certainly not prepared for what they are about to deal with.

Mike and his friends thought it’d be a funny prank to layout 26,000 bottles of Vital Energy throughout the house as a joke. Boy did he underestimate how his parents would react. Aiya carumba!

Not gonna lie, putting his family through this was a small price to pay for the insane amount of visibility he got out of it for his product! Clever brat!

Here’s a note he wrote to about his mom about the video experience:

To anyone who has met my mother, you know she is the BEST MOM in the world :) and I sincerely mean that. What other mother would stick my their son after he leaves graduate school at Michigan and begins to fill her house with drinks and watches them get lugged up and downstairs for over a year, all the while supporting me with free housing, meals, and defending me to people that question why I am still living at home when I have a great graduate engineering degree. And on top of all that continues to support me after we post a video of her having a legit anxiety attack.

That’s love ladies and gents <3 What makes this video so great to me is that I have never seen my mom lose her marbles. When we planned this I thought we’d get the best freakout reaction from my dad. I figured we had to do something huge to get my mom to even budge, thus we took her china down. So to anyone who knows my mom, please take a moment to share your love and admiration and let everyone know that this is not the Mary you all know and loveeee :) And let her know that she's great for supporting us and letting us post this phenomenal video (in my opinion of course).