I’ve been busy checking out Toronto’s many different neighbourhoods and I’ve quickly fallen in love with Leslieville. This east-end neighborhood is virtually untouched by large retail companies and instead littered with independent business owners from restaurants to cafes and clothing retailers to vintage furniture shops.

Since moving to Toronto, I’ve been slowly furnishing my place and have started looking at vintage decoration pieces to give my place a bit of character. A friend of mine introduced me to the many vintage furniture shops in Leslieville and instantly I was hooked. We were both saying that it was a good thing that Leslieville was a bit of a trek for us because if we were closer, we’d spend all our money on vintage finds.

Check out three stores I visited which had great vintage stuff at affordable prices.

Machine Age Modern
1000 Queen Street East

Machine age modern has both vintage furniture and kitchen accessories. They have a great selection of vintage coffee/espresso makers, coffee grinders, kitchen utensils. I found these amazing ruby red Schott Mainz glass jars which were a steal for $10 each. The prices are reasonable and the staff is very friendly.

1142 Queen St East

Guff has an amazing selection of vintage furniture from sofas, teak sideboards, dining table sets and Charles Eames fiberglass shell chairs. I saw some great options for a vintage sofa that with a little reupholstering work would make a great addition to my space.

Zig Zag
985 Queen Street East

Zig Zag has the best selection of carefully curated 60’s pieces in very excellent condition. They carry anything from lamps, living room & dining room pieces to teak accessories like the amazing teak nesting trays I found there for $50.