Viral: These Vietnamese Boys Slay With Their Tribute To The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

While I still enjoyed the 2017 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show held in Shanghai, China, I have to keep it real. It wasn’t the most entertaining show by the luxury lingerie brand. Is it wrong to say the highlight was Ming Xi’s epic fall on the runway. God, I felt so bad for her.

If VS is looking to spice things up for next year (and they should), they need to check out these talented Vietnamese boys for some ideas. A jungle-themed segment featuring luxurious versions of these handcrafted wings made from leaves, plants, sticks and other items found in nature would be amazing. It’s Survivor haute couture.

Check out their homage to the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show below. Seriously, these boys know how to put on a runway show and get turnt. That outfit with the hanging socks had me cracking up, but the banana one was truly inspired.