Video: Halloween – Disguise Your Girly Son


Happy Halloween Everyone!!! The hilarious comedic team at The Onion have come up with another winner. Ever wonder “How to Find A Masculine Halloween Costume For Your Effeminate Son”, well wonder no more. This video parody provides various options on how to disguise your prancy girly son. There’s a lot of hilarious quips back and forth between the interviewer and the author of “It’s Actually a Boy”, so I decided to type out all the subtitles so you could focus on the interview. Enjoy the vid.


“Hide Your Effeminate Son With A Masculine Costume”

“Keep Your Son’s Hands Occupied So He Can’t Clap And Squeal”

“Make Use Of Your Son’s Enthusiasm For Playing Dress-Up Or Wearing Makeup”

“Give A Firm ‘No’ To Any Costume Ideas He ‘Saw On Bravo'”

“Tell Your Son Not To Talk To Strangers, Especially About His Gymnastics Class”