Video: Chelsea Lately, Tila Tequila, Ryan Kwanten


I don’t usually get to catch Chelsea’s show but the one’s that I get to see are always so funny. I love her little Mexican midget sidekick. Ever wondered what super hottie Ryan Kwanten looks like when he’s in between seasons and not filming True Blood? I actually like this look on him…. different & unusual but still uber cute! Although the hair colour is not blond like his character Stackhouse, I wish he’d had a better haircut. It kind of looks like a bad wig.

Did you hear about Tila Tequila’s online video where she is allegedly masturbating and ranting at the same time? They also talk about The Worst Celebrity Parents according to ABC news. The Lohans took the number 1 spot for being the worst parents and I think they got that one right. Poor LiLo… her life is spinning out of control and there are no signs of it getting better.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

  • Airec

    Well I just watched part 3 just because Ryan kwanten is in it and I totally agree with the hair thing. Seems like a wig but I like this look :)…minus the wiggy hair