Victoria’s Secret Models Lip Sync ‘Beauty and a Beat’ For Justin Bieber

The Victoria’s Secret models are found lip syncing in a video that is supposed to be Justin Bieber‘s lost personal footage. You may recall that is exactly how they filmed the actual music video to Bieber & Nicki Minaj’s “Beauty and a Beat” track, which (not so coincidentally) is the song the models are lip syncing to.

I wonder if this video adds fuel to Selena Gomez’s fire considering she allegedly wasn’t too thrilled about some of the pictures Bieber was posting on Twitter with the models while at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show (which airs on December 4).

Are you going to watch the Victoria’ Secret Fashion Show this week? I’m quite certain Donovan will be 😉 Enjoy he video below.

Victoria’s Secret Models Lip-Sync ‘Beauty and a Beat’