On November 30, 2010 (next Tuesday) CBS is airing their annual one-hour prime-time (or a little later at 10pm or 9pm central) special of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Donovan and Brian introduced me to this gem of an event a few years back and it has quickly become one of my guilty pleasures. What’s not to love, really? Incredibly gorgeous models strut down the runway in devastatingly beautiful lingerie pieces, for the world to admire and marvel at their beauty. Add to that some incredible performances by today’s hottest music talent and you have the recipe for an incredible night of TV viewing.

Leading up to the event this year, which boasts a performance from the pop-sensation bombshell, Katy Perry, Victoria’s Angels developed a promo video all on their own. In a brilliant spin to promote both the event and Katy Perry’s recent smash hit Firework, the Angel’s put together their own music video for the song, using clips and snippets from the event filmed a few weeks ago.

The show (and music video) is once again showing off their best assets, including two of my favorite supermodels Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrosio, to name a few.

For more information about the show, including preview still-photography of some of the stunning outfits the models will be wearing in this year’s event, check out the Victoria’s Secret website.