Madeleine Stowe Talks Victoria Grayson’s Fate On Revenge


Were you shocked by the final moments of last night’s Revenge? Did Victoria Grayson (Madeleine Stowe) blow herself up in a final act of revenge against Emily Thorn (Emily VanCamp)? It would appear so, however, the Grayson matriarch has cheated death once before. Remember the Season 1 cliffhanger where she escaped the exploding plane?

Entertainment Weekly sat down with 56-year-old actress about her character’s fate on the ABC drama. More importantly, she discusses her involvement with Revenge should it continue for another season. Keep in mind she signed a five-year contract with the show. Read some quotes from her interview below.

On Victoria’s Fate

“Here’s the answer: I’m not returning to Revenge for another season. You will see her in flashbacks. I think that anybody who has really, really watched the show and who really knows Victoria would know that she’s pretty much had a death wish. Victoria has died.”

On Her Feelings On The Way Her Character Met Her Fate

“I’m very story-centric. At the end of season 1 [when Victoria apparently perished in a plane crash], I felt that was a perfect ending for Victoria. I really did, but it was very clear that [Victoria actually dying] wasn’t going to happen. At the end of season 3, when we were all discussing what’s going on with Conrad going to prison and dying and Victoria being put in a mental institution, I thought that was a perfect ending for the Amanda arc. In my heart of hearts, I really thought there was nothing more to tell with respect to Victoria. We all sat down and I said, “I’m very flattered you all want me to come back, but I really think this story is finished—my story, not Revenge.” They explained why they felt differently about that. I was contracted for five years, so that was very much their option.”

On Her Thoughts If This Should Be The Final Season Of Revenge

“I think that this should absolutely be the end of the Victoria Grayson storyline. I think that’s done. For the show to go on, it has to be reinvented and a whole new set of characters have to come in. This is as elastic as it can possibly be. I felt it was time. I think the writers felt this arc should be done, too. I hope they did.”

For the entire interview, head over to Entertainment Weekly.

Will you miss Victoria Grayson? Should ABC axe the show? Personally, I agree with Stowe in that the Season 3 finale was a fitting end for the series. What are your thoughts? Weigh in below.

  • Sugi

    Whoa, what an explosive ending. I can’t say that I was shocked, I knew that it was a long time coming, but to end like that! There is no way Victoria can survive that blast – soap opera or otherwise, and we might as well say this is the final season for Revenge. IMHO, there is no Revenge without the icy exchange between Vicky and Emily/Amanda.