Vicci Martinez Promotes Unity & Equality In Her Beautiful New ‘Come Along’ Music Video

A couple weeks ago, I had the opportunity of interviewing Vicci Martinez from Season 1 of The Voice and she was so lovely! We chatted about her album and her hit single, “Come Along” featuring Cee Lo Green. When we spoke, it had only been a couple weeks since she shot the music video for the song while in Seattle and that very day she had received the final cut of the video. Yesterday, the new music video debuted and if you haven’t checked it out yet, do so below!

The out and proud singer performs in front of a crowd with her band while a diverse group of people tell a story of unity and togetherness using different colors of chalk. I still love this song – Martinez’s voice is so sultry and sexy and you can really feel the passion coming through. This marks Martinez’s first music video and she told me she felt that it was a great representation of the song. “We’re all the same when it comes down to it,” she told me. “The point of the song being to find your truth and your freedom and to just be happy and to love each other.”

The video shows various different men and women of all shapes, sizes, races and sexuality all coming together as one as their differences fade away behind the colors of the chalk. I should note that although featured in the song, Cee Lo Green himself doesn’t appear in the video. Enjoy the video below!

Vicci Martinez’s ‘Come Along’ Music Video