Behind The Cast: VEVO Is Our Favorite Pre-Drinking Ritual

Before I begin, I just wanted to preface this post by saying it’s bit self-indulgent. That said, the aim of our Behind The Cast posts are to give you a better insight to who we are. True? Anyhoo, I just wanted to quickly chat about one of our favorite pastimes while getting ready for a night out on the town.

Usually, Brian and my home is the meeting place before we head out. Most of our friends live nearby and we have a bigger place so it makes sense. Plus we have all the board games, karaoke, a hot tub, booze and most importantly an Apple TV. Combined with the brilliant VEVO app, the Apple TV is my favorite thing in the world. Friends come over all the time and play me their favorite new tracks by simply logging on to our Wi-Fi and playing it on our sound system. With the VEVO app, we can play all our current music video obsessions and our favorite oldies which brings me to this post.

Nothing gets a roomful of homos screaming more than playing music videos from our favorite DIVAS. Yes, we’re a gay cliche. However, we also listen to folk music, old school grunge, rock and hip-hop but there’s something about the ladies that gets us all fired up. I decided to share some of the music videos that seem to get the most airplay at our house while enjoying cocktails. I purposefully left out clips from 2012 since that would make this post extremely long. Without further delay, check out a few oldies and relatively-recent clips we love watching while a tad intoxicated.

Shania Twain ‘Any Man of Mine’

Mark my words, in 2013 you’ll see a few of us making a pilgrimage to Las Vegas to check out Shania’s show. Count on it. For some reason, this our favorite one to play. We love to hee-haw and clap to this one. Weird right?

Beyonce ‘Dance For You’

The more we watch this, the better Nic knows the choreography. NO LIE. We’re obsessed with all the fan action. FIERCE. You never know. One day a parody of this might pop up on Homorazzi. How this track wasn’t bigger than it was, is beyond me? The video is EVERYTHING.

Christina Aguilera ‘Come On Over’

Some of us like her full-figured while others enjoyed her more when her waist was as big as her one of her fingers now 😉 She was sooooo skinny back then. Either way, we all adore X-Tina. “What A Girl Wants” and her duet with Ricky Martin “No One Wants To Be Lonely” also get some love during our drinking nights.

Jennifer Hudson ‘Spotlight’

Here’s another track that should’ve been a bigger hit. The Moto Blanco remix is absolutely heavenly. You should hear our synchronized “hoo hoos” during the chorus. It’s pretty tight. Favorite moment of the clip: Hudson sassily walking down the street. WERK.

Deborah Cox ‘Who Do You Love’

Remember when girls wore those bright neon tops? LOL. Who doesn’t love a choreographed exit from a fire escape?

Nicole Scherzinger ‘Don’t Hold Your Breath’

Most of us are in agreement that we can’t stand Nicole. And we hate her even more for making us love this song and video. We have to give the girl her props. She’s so darn sexy in the backseat of a cab. Must be from all her research back there 😉 Definitely her best song ever. Hands down.

Kylie Minogue ‘Get Outta My Way’

Truth be told, we kinda play the one featuring the Randy Blue models more 😉 What can we say, we’re gays. We also love Kylie’s “Come Into My World“. Remember that Gondry-directed clip where there are multiples of Kylie walking around? One of the best videos ever.

Kelly Clarkson ‘Since U Been Gone’

Not going to lie, some nights it’s Kelly all night long. Sometimes we even play all her old performances from American Idol on YouTube. We’re that obsessed. Some more than others *cough* Matt *cough*

FeFe Dobson ‘Stutterin’

This is a relatively new addition to our drinking nights. We’ve all decided (drunkenly of course) that we’re going to try to make FeFe a thing in 2013. If you haven’t heard or seen this clip. It’s hilarious. You really need to see us imitate FeFe’s stripper dance on the car. Just sayin’ 😉

What do you think of our choices? Who are your favorites? Do you like watching old music videos with your friends? If so, which ones? Sound off below.

  • yayyyyy i love kelly clarkson. #shoutout. #KCCS

  • DW

    OMG you put Stuttering on there haha. Singing along to the “o-o-o-o-o e-e-e-e…” part is awesome ;-).

    And then the ending :-/ haha. Bitch is cray cray!