Hulu Finalizing Deal For ‘Veronica Mars’ Limited Series Starring Kristen Bell

Veronica Mars only ran for three seasons on The CW but built a very loyal following. In fact, it’s those hardcore fans that raised nearly $6 million on Kickstarter to fund the feature film. Marshmallows can once again rejoice. It’s looking like more adventures of their favorite sleuth are in the pipeline.

Variety reports that Hulu is working on a deal to bring back Veronica Mars on the small screen with original series creator Rob Thomas and star Kristen Bell on board. Since Bell is already starring in the NBC comedy, The Good Place, the revival would have to work around that show’s filming. Sources say a limited series consisting of eight to ten episodes is most likely.

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  • frederick.

    Eh, I guess. I think it’s time to move on personally. I like Kristen’s new show a lot more and the Veronica Mars movie stunk.