A couple weeks ago, I met the awesome guys behind Vanwolff swim and underwear (Marc & Andrew) when they were here in Vancouver visiting. Then last weekend, I spent some time with them at White Party in Palms Springs and they were gracious enough to give me a pair of swim briefs from their “Prey” collection and I simply love them!

Vanwolff has been around less than a year and have already received a lot of press for their high quality swimwear and unique designs. Their premium “Prey” line includes fourteen unique aquatic animal designs that are engineered and embedded into the fabric. They also have a more basic “Essentials” line that features four vibrant colors using the same innovative style. The swimwear is available in briefs and trunks.

One of the things I love about their designs is all of the detail that goes into it. Every garment features Vanwolff’s signature “woven-in-cording,” meaning each suit comes adorned with an original clever quote (i.e. “I Promise To Behave This Summer,” “Looking for Trouble,” etc.) expertly woven into the drawstring cording. Love that idea – definitely a great way to get a conversation going 😉

The design that I have is the “Frog” from the “Prey” line and I was a bit leary at first because the briefs are all white. I’ve had a pair of white swim briefs before that I never ended up wearing because as soon as they got wet they became see-thru! This is not the case with Vanwolff. The swimsuit material is made of high-end, fade-resistant poly-nylon, and all pieces have lining throughout the entire suit.

The designs are all done by Andrew Maxin and together with his partner Marc Waier (a former Ford Model) they are truly offering something innovative and unique to the market.

That’s me on the left wearing the Frog design at one of the pool parties at White Party. The guy on the right is Jason Medina, who I’m sure you recognize from all of the Andrew Christian videos we’ve posted.

Check out their website (http://vanwolff.com/) to see all of the designs they have available. You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter.