Vanessa Hudgens Shows Off Rockin’ Bod On Shape Magazine Cover

The last two years were busy for Baby V. Vanessa Hudgens, most famously known for her role as Gabriella in the High School Musical franchise, found herself working on three films in very different genres. She started by training her butt off for the upcoming blockbuster Sucker Punch and as you can see on the cover of Shape magazine, all that hard work paid off.

Her recent leak of nude photos for the second time (this time, more graphic and including a little gal-on-gal action), won’t detour Vanessa from taking her career by the reins and shaking that Disney persona. From the sneak peeks I’ve seen of Sucker Punch, Vanessa Hudgens is all grown up. Also showing that she’s got acting chops, V shines in her role in the fantasy romance drama, Beastly.

But unfortunately, a majority of the time, people aren’t talking about what Vanessa is doing career wise. More or less, people want to know what’s going on with her and long time on again, off again beau Zac Efron. In her interview with the magazine, Vanessa opens up about her relationship with the heartthrob (oh and some diet tips too.)

When it comes to healthy eating, Vanessa is now addicted to breakfast. She says “I like egg white omelets with veggies or oatmeal with almonds and fruit”. For lunch or dinner, she has a spinach salad with grilled chicken or salmon, marcona almonds, feta, a little truffle oil and a sprinkle of pink Himalayan sea salt. Sounds delicious to me. “When you’re putting good stuff into your body, you feel so much better.”

The training for Sucker Punch was hard and rigorous but it definitely got her into the best shape of her life. She states that working out with gym buddies makes the process a lot more enjoyable. “I wouldn’t have been able to do it if it weren’t for the other girls.” She is referring to her Sucker Punch co-stars. “It’s because of them that I got so strong.” Vanessa switches up her workout routine with yoga, pilates and spinning classes.

And now for the juicy stuff: her relationship with Zac. In December of last year, rumors went rampant when news broke that the two had split after dating for four years. “We grew up together. It was nice to have to someone to share all of those experiences with.” I’m sure a main reason for their break up was their hectic filming schedules. “Long distance relationships are hard no matter what. When you don’t have face-to-face time, its just different. Having an iPhone helped but its not the same.” It’s okay V, I know you’ll find love out there.

For more on Vanessa and her interview with Shape magazine, the issue hits stands March 21st.