Vancouver’s ‘Brunch With Benefits’: Support Your Community On Dec 2

We gays LOVE to brunch: that’s a fact. Be it to enjoy soaking up last night’s toxins with fresh fruit and sweet yogurt or to meet up after a long week and catch up on the ups and downs over mimosas, brunching is a mo’ tradition that even the most conservative of politicians can never take away from us. Something else we gays ought to and do enjoy: giving back to our community to gay it forward (thanks Jack MacFarland) and appreciate that our success as a collective is just that, a group effort and we need to support those that have come before and will come after.

As such, how else could you celebrate this coming weekend than donating your hunger, your laughter and a bit of your $ to YouthCO’s Brunch With Benefits? YouthCO, for those who have never been to this site before and haven’t heard of their amazing work, is a local, Vancouver, organization that works to reduce the impact of HIV and Hep C on the youth of British Coloumbia through peer support, eduction and meaningful community engagement. Full disclosure concerning my bias for this great organization: I’ve recently joined YouthCO’s board to get first hand experience of the amazing work and dedication of its staff and huge volunteership. This weekend however, is about meeting other, giving and supporting members of your community over a fabulous (I said it) meal at one of Vancouver’s most illustrious restaurants, all in the name of philanthropy and a great time.

DATE: Saturday, December 2, 2012
TIME: 11:30am – 3:00pm
LOCATION: Market by Jean-Georges at the Shangri-La, 1115 Alberni St 3rd Floor Vancouver (click here for map)
PRICE: $45

(Click here to purchase your ticket– which you need to do before showing up at this one as they hope to sell out- and then call Market at (604) 695-1115 to make your reservation.)

This is a fully loaded and delicious 3-course Brunch and the price includes both tax and tip (so no need to stress over that at the end of the meal) and while you’re covering your own booze you’ll find yourself leaving this afternoon sojourne knowing you’re supporting a great cause, having had an assured laugh with all the other handsome men and ladies in attendance and counting down till next year.

For those that aren’t looking for a $45 brunch (I know I wasn’t always in my younger days), Subeez Cafe (from 10AM-2PM at 891 Homer Street), Twisted Fork Bistro (from 10AM-2:30PM at 1147 Granville Street) and Deacon’s Corner (from 9AM-5PM at 101 Main Street) are also awesomely supporting this event and hosting their own, lower priced, non-ticketed brunches for you to enjoy. I absolutely put the Adam Stamp of Approval on this afternoon and hope to see you there- I’m betting mine will be the loudest table as we rehash the drama of the week and weekend leading to our meal.

About YouthCO: Approximately one third of all new HIV-positive tests in Canada are among youth aged 15-29 years, and the numbers are just as high when it comes to Hepatitis C. Now more than ever there is a need for effective prevention, education and support programs by and for young people.
YouthCO has been providing such services for over 16 years and has been recognized nationally as a leader and advocate for youth sexual health. By supporting Brunch with Benefits you are promoting the current and future health of our community.