Despicable Rioters Destroy Downtown Vancouver After Canucks Loss

I am at a loss for words. Tyrell and I have just come home from being caught in the riots in Downtown Vancouver after the Canucks lost 4-0 to the Boston Bruins in the Stanley Cup Finals. We went to my storefront to make sure that the area wasn’t being affected by the riots and destruction. Luckily it wasn’t. But so many other places were.

I am so disappointed in our city and embarrassed to be from Vancouver right now. Can you imagine what other cities think of us – how we look like the sorest losers ever? Clearly we didn’t deserve to win and I hope we never do now. These immature losers that are going nowhere in life came downtown from the suburbs, call themselves fans, and have destroyed our city. It’s not worth it. It’s just a game.

The Vancouver Canucks had an amazing season and you know what, the Boston Bruin goalie (Tim Thomas) was just incredible and they earned it. No reason to riot and destroy our own city. Savages. Seriously.

Here is the video footage that Tyrell and I took on the way home. I was hoping to be able to catch someone’s face so that the police can track them down and arrest them, but it’s too dangerous to stay out there.

There is so much worse that has happened since. Major stores getting looted. Apparently people getting stabbed. Just awful.

  • D

    Sucks. Sorry you have to go through that. But believe me, Vancouver, or any city in Canada is far better than Los Angeles. We have to deal with rioting every time the G. D. Lakers win.

  • BrIaN

    I had a rough sleeplast night I’m so shaken by this. To think that we invited these people to come enjoy our city. I live downtown and have for almost 10 years -after watching the news for 2 hours i don’t recognize a single person -Where are these people from? Not downtown Vancouver.

    In my wildest dreams I could only imagine this kind of devastation following a natural disaster.

    Mayor and council: let’s regain our reputation as a no fun city. I can create fun on my own without fearing for my and my friends safety. Next time I vote that we close the bridge, skytrain, etc. into Vancouver long before the any event begins and stop inviting this madness into our backyard.

    I recognize my comments are reactionary and raw but how else could I react after witnessing the worst side of humanity. 

  • Trip

    I’m not sure what they showed on your local news in Vancouver, but here in the Boston area they slit-screened Vancouver riots and Boston peacefully celebrating. What a contrast! The police had totally blocked off access around the Garden and were highly visible. I remember thinking last night “Where are the Vancouver police?”. It didn’t look like there were nearly enough officers on duty to handle things. I think we all recognize that the ones causing problems are not representative of your fans in general. Glad to hear you guys are safe.

  • Honestly, the final shots look like scenes from “28 days later”

  • Steve

    Maybe if everyone decided to stay in their apartments and not congregate en mass (like you guys did too) there wouldn’t have been an audience for the few idiots that wanted to create a scene. By wanting to see what was going on once it started, you gave licence and cause for those troublemakers. As far as i’m concerned, anyone that stuck around once the first car was flipped to gawk, look and take pictures is almost as responsible.