Patrick’s Commercial: Vancouver Queer Film Festival


A few weeks ago, I auditioned for the lead role in a commercial/trailer being produced by Creative B’stro for the 21st Annual Vancouver Queer Film Festival – and I got the part! Vancouver’s second largest film festival takes place from August 13-23rd here in Vancouver, and the theme this year is “Satisfy Your Cravings.” In addition to the many fantastic films, the Queer Film Festival hosts live performances, workshops, panel discussions, parties, and much more.

Aside from the obvious sexual connotations (re: popsicle), the trailer is an allegory for discrimination. It’s completely absurd that people would object to popsicle licking, but homophobia is as equally absurd. I think it points to the arbitrary nature of condemning certain behaviours while condoning others.

The great thing about using metaphor is that it becomes more universal. Anyone who’s been judged for their desire can relate. It’s this inclusiveness that reflects one of the trademarks of the Vancouver Queer Film Festival.

And most importantly it’s fun and cute!

Below are some of the people behind the film festival. The passes went on sale at Little Sister’s last weekend, and I swung by to check it out. When I asked them how the festival is different this year from last year, they said that a lot of the films are really thought inspiring, not that they weren’t last year, but there’s really a lot of depth in the films this year.


The sidewalks on Davie Street were decorated with popsicles advertising this year’s festival. I think it’s gonna be awesome. I really like the theme. Watch out for a shorter version of the commercial on the giant outdoor screen outside Future Shop, at Robson and Granville in the weeks to come.


There are a bunch of great films to see so be sure to pick up a guide and check out their website at You can also check out the female version of my commercial on their website.

  • Russ

    I love the music in the background! It really plays up the story.

  • Ha ha – awesome work Patrick. That’s awesome!


  • bruin

    that was very very cute indeed