This week and weekend was insanely busy for all of us here at Homorazzi, but so much fun. Tommy was busy putting on his annual Rapture events which were a huge success. Tyrell was busy performing at almost every event. I competed in soccer in the Outgames this week (as did Adam) and I also performed in the pride parade. Donovan and Brian were busy hosting many out of town guests in between attending all of the events as well. And Dan, Nic, and Calan were busy taking in as much of the festivities as possible.

Yesterday, a few of us caught Wynter Gordon performing at the Plaza of Nations for the Anthem Party for her three song set. She sang “Til Death,” “Dirty Talk,” and “Toy Friend“. She was a great show and showed of her fabulous body in her skintight outfit. I totally wanted her to perform “Believer,” but apparently she didn’t have the track with her. LOL. After she performed, Donovan, Tyrell, myself, and one of our friends went backstage to meet her.

Before Wynter’s performance, our very own (and my very own – WINK) Tyrell performed a three song set with six backup dancers. He debuted a new song called “Show & Tell” that I cowrote with him. It was hot!

Donovan and friends went backstage to meet Ace of Base after their performance at the 2011 Outgames Closing Party. Although the two girls are not the original two from the group, they were extremely talented and totally stepped up as the groups new leading ladies. I have SUCH a blast dancing to their old hits, including “All That She Wants,” “Beautiful Life,” and so many others. It was a major time warp for me, taking me back to my days in junior high. Sidenote: Our good friend DJ Adam Dreaddy opened for them and he did such an amazing job.

Here’s Tyrell on the left and me on the right with Wynter after her performance.

Prior to his performance at Anthem, Tyrell performed at the Sunset Beach Festival where everyone gathered after the parade. Here he performed three songs as well with two of his backup dancers. He totally got the crowd up and on their feet and for some of our friends, it was the first time they’d ever seen him perform and they were blown away. So proud of him! Check out his music by clicking here.

Here I am in the front row, second from the left with my team, “Northwest Juicy Fruits” in the 2011 North American Outgames. Loved my team – they were so much fun and worked their butts off!