Wow, Hottest Men 2010 definitely has a nice ring to it! Once again the Homorazzi cast was invited to the Vancouver Home + Interior Design Show and our coverage wouldn’t be complete without our annual list of the hottest men manning the booths and frying pans at this year’s event! Similar to my article about the Home Show’s radical products and setups at this year’s event, I’ll be taking you through my list of the THREE hottest men working the show, giving you a bit of background and then letting you decide who the title of ‘Hunk of the Show’.

Let’s get right down to it, shall we…


Name: Jason
Company: Newspaper Direct

Jason was one of the first guys I noticed at the show and instantly determined that he would be on my list. At first you might glance at him and not instantly tag this guy as THE hottest, but believe me, he was pretty spectacular in person. First, he knew what he was selling and pretty much convinced me to sign up. Second, his eyes and voice were pretty much fry-an-egg-on-the-cement-on-a-hot-summer-day magnificent. Heck, what can I say, I’m a sucker for a man who can read me a story at night and still turn me on. Working for Newspaper Direct ( – an online company that promotes the readability feature of their Smartphone apps – his intelligence and knowledge impressed me and as mentioned he definitely convinced me to check out the app – and I’m sold!


Name: Chad
Company: Woll – German Cooking Ware

Unfortunately, it was nearly impossible to snag a great photo of Chad as he was working his tail off showing all of the Home Show attendees everything that his product had to offer. Watching him work with his Woll cookware was shocking. I have recently come to appreciate the sexiness of a man cooking – add to that a Chef uniform and you had me before the oven even starts to warm up. Similarly, this mans voice (even when echoing through the aisles) was captivating to the point of turning heads. Everyone stopped and listened to this man and at one point it came drastically close to an unknown woman removing her bra and throwing it at him. Thankfully she didn’t. That could have gone horribly wrong!


Name: Scott
Company: Optimum Studios

If you read my article last year then you are sure to recognize this man. Scott was named my personal #1 hottie of 2009. Seriously, this man is like a fine wine, getting ever better as each year passes. This year I attended the show three consecutive days and each day he had yet another studly plaid shirt as part of his wardrobe – if you know me, you’ll know what that means. CHA CHING! Naturally, this boy would be a mainstay on this year’s list of hunks as his response to last year’s article was more than impressed – hell, give the man a chance to boost his ego. His wife even joined in on the action commenting on last year’s article, and definitely adding fuel to the fantasy fire as she confirmed some amazing shower ‘interactions’. Damn her and her good looks too! Scott’s looks had changed this year; he was rocking a shorter (yet still sexy) hair cut and was more chiseled this year over last, if that’s even possible!

So what say you readers? Who do you vote as the sexiest man at the show?

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