Homorazzi Does Vancouver Home + Interior Design Show 2010

Over the past weekend the Vancouver Home + Interior Design Show descended on Vancouver, in the recently opened Vancouver Convention Center – a new location for the annual event. A good portion of the Homorazzi cast took advantage of the invite to check out everything the show had to offer. Needless to say, we weren’t disappointed and definitely found a variety of opportunities to get into trouble learn something new.

There was no shortage of hot men (vote for the best of the best in my other Home Show article) and unique vendors touting the latest and greatest for home interior design and trends. With over 350 vendors to choose from it was hard to narrow down what I felt were the most innovative and unique with respect to product offerings, set up and services.

How could I not start by mentioning BC Hydro and their energy-efficient washer and dryer, big enough to house (and dry) pocket gays!

But let’s get serious. The first set up that truly caught my attention was wall of plants, erected by Green Over Grey (www.greenovergrey.com). The entire wall attachment was mere centimeters thick and boasted an array of over 50 species of plants. These walls can be used indoors or outside, and endless varieties of foliage can be chosen to create the look (and aroma) you desire. Needless to say, it was radical! I definitely encourage readers to check out their website and explore the options that would work for your unique living space!

Up next on my list of favorites jumps to an outdoor setting so lavish I literally melted when I approached the booth. It has been a secret passion of mind to find the perfect house with an expansive back yard suitable for setting up an outdoor fireplace/BBQ combination. While this particular setup didn’t have the BBQ area, it wasn’t a far stretch to see where one could easily fit into the design. The luxurious outdoor living space was designed and built by Arcon – Rock and Waterscapes (www.arconwaterdesigns.com) and our group literally went back to this section three or four times for a variety of photo shoots and interview sessions. It. Was. Stunning. The picture does a good job of showcasing the fireplace (which alone stopped my breath) but you truly had to see this in person to believe it!

The third piece of awesomeness from the show came in a rather unusual shape. Donovan and I were both drawn back to this booth on several occasions so I couldn’t NOT include them. Heck, I loved the idea and dream of the day when I can set one of these beauties up on in my yard and lock out the screaming kids or nagging partner (sorry baby – you know how I really feel). Simply put, Modern Shed (www.modern-shed.ca). No, this isn’t a glossy metal interior/exterior piece closed with an old combination-padlock. These ‘sheds’ (I would hardly call them by their proper name) take on the essence of fine living, in a simple yet drastically reduced space. The smallest version (and the model on display) was a modest 80 square feet. The size ranges all the way up to 800 square feet (YES – An average apartment size in downtown Vancouver) for around $150,000 installed. These units were AWESOME! We weren’t able to snag a great shot and really capture the ambiance of the sheds, so check out their website.

An honorable mention (whose photo was too good not to share) include:

The Art is Art wall that allowed all Home Show visitors a chance to leave their mark and describe what Art means to them – granted, no one used this wall for that purposed but the concept was pretty rad!

Overall, our experience at the Vancouver Home + Interior Design Show was pretty awesome. My good friend Tyson Kidd was once again overly accommodating to us boys and all of our antics throughout the four-day long event. A HUGE Thank-you to him and his colleague Jill Proseilo for granting us access again this year and offering our readers the chance to check out the show!

Check out the video of our day at the show!

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  • Aww that was fun times… great job on the editing!

  • Guys, you are amazing. The coverage is incredible, and is stretching across North America as far south as Dallas, TX and into Florida…anywhere MPE produces events. Great work on the video, the photos and the location shots. We love it!

  • Thanks! 🙂 Had fun as well!

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  • Great post guys, im sitting here on the skytrain reading your website, I must say I love it! That Fireplace display was all concrete I couldnt believe it!