Homorazzi Does The Vancouver Home + Design Show 2011

Yesterday, Tyrell and I checked out the 2011 Vancouver Home + Design Show at the Vancouver Convention Centre. Usually, we all go as a group to check it out, but unfortunately the majority of our cast was busy or out of town this weekend. No video of our shenanigans this time! That being said, on a positive not Tyrell and I got to spend some time seeing some pretty amazing things that we want to have in our dream home.

Every year, there are so many different booths with so many fantastic products and designs and this year was no exception. In addition, there were a few celebrity guests that included Brian Baeumler from Disaster DIY, Jillian Harris, and more. I’ve included some pictures below of some of our favorite booths this year. If you haven’t made it out to the show yet, today (Sunday) is the last day, so be sure to check it out and use our PROMO CODE: ‘HOMO’ to book your ticket online and save $5 on your entry!

At this booth, I pedalled this bike that powered a blender to work, making Tyrell and I a nice blended drink. Mmm! It was a perfect compliment to the BKH Jerky samples we had… we we ended up buying a bag of this famous jerky. It was featured on Dragon’s Den. Best jerky we’ve have ever eaten.

Almost the perfect size house for us. LOL. Kidding. My dogs on the other hand…

This was our favorite find at the show. These hot tubs are called “Softub” and they’re pretty amazing for many reasons. They are easy to install (they fit through any normal doorway), heats without a heater, operates on 110 Volts (standard plug), and they are durable and weather resistant. They are manufactured with 0% harmful VOC emissions and only cost as little as $5.00/month to operate. Definitely one of the most environmentally friendly hot tubs in the market. Check out their site for more information: www.softubcanada.com.

Another one of our favorite displays at the show was the Modern-Shed booth. If we had a yard, we would definititely get one of these. Rather than having a shed to throw some rakes and shovels in, why not have a shed that can be an office, guest room/house, or whatever type of room you want. They are pretty amazing. Check out their site here: www.Modern-Shed.ca.

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