Adam is Still in the Running….

…towards becoming Vancouver’s Next Gay Top Model. So before he retaliates, we were both going to do it for fun, but my dog was really sick the day of the auditions and we also had an event going on at my store so I couldn’t do it. He did it anyway. Also, all proceeds from the events go to charity go to Friends For Life, a wellness centre for people with terminal diseases in the West End of Vancouver – both men and women. Adam volunteers at this centre and they were also encouraging him to enter the competition as well, so alas – here he is. Kind of a fun project. Fierce, Adam!

  • patrick

    It’s like, “bam, bam, bam”… as Tyra would say.

  • adam, i love this picture. you’re smiling with your eyes. tyra would be so proud.

  • Greg

    Can someone please illuminate him already!!!