Vancouver Pride Party Cruise – All Aboard!

For 22 years now- coincidentally, how old most guys guess I am- Cruisey T has been hosting THE on-water event of Vancouver Pride with their epic 4 hour tours of the local inlets and sounds (geographical terms… don’t ask me what they mean). This year is no exception and full steam ahead the men behind the boats are satisfying all your nautical needs by hosting THREE different cruises: two on Sunday, the day of pride itself and a third on our holiday Monday for those of you that didn’t get enough fun the day before. My best friend- and site co-owner, and often barely clothed partner in crime- Patrick, will be joining me on the earliest of the three cruises (the Pride Party Cruise) as we drown ourselves in vodka on the high seas. Christ, we sound classy, don’t we?

Just what is Cruisey T? Well, it’s a T-Dance on a boat. What’s a T-Dance? First, are you on the right site because I shouldn’t have to explain this unless you just moved here from wherever they do the Iditarod or you just turned 19. Second, it’s basically an afternoon gathering of gay men to enjoy a social where with music, liquor and a casual space where you can sit and chat or dance your ass off. Third, it’s on a boat, where, well, everything’s just better on a boat y’all! The cruise tours the impossible-to-beat scenic views of West Vancouver coastal life and offers a packed ship of hunky men in amazing moods. While Vancouver is often called out for its sketchy to predict weather, YVR Pride falls smack in the middle of summer and is as close to a guarantee for sun as you can get- so make sure to take it all in dancing and surfing the waterways!

The best part of the cruises (well, apart from that time I hooked up with that daddy hunk I’d been cruising all afternoon in the ladies washroom for a hard 10 minutes) is that this ticket not only gets you on board but hooks you up with dinner and a show. The food is the perfect combination of burger and fries (or salad for you ladies) end to an otherwise starved-for-a-pride-body weekend and you’ll enjoy it while listening to the beats of Vancouver’s most iconic and sought DJs including DJ Drew, DJ Kasey Riot and my personal long time favourites and friends DJ Zach Shore, DJ Del Stamp and DJ Adam Dreaddy. Further, each boat has its own brand of entertainment in the form of some of the sassiest and dominating drag queens on the scene: including Coco & Iona Whipp, Joan-E & Carlotta Gurl and Jaylene Tyme.

Pick a ship based on the time, the day, the DJ or the queen- whatever floats your boat! You know which one Patrick and I will be terrorizing, so please, absolutely do sign up for ours that if you’re toppin’ 220lbs of muscle and you’re single or your boyfriend is in Zurich for the weekend and doesn’t give a fuck. Don’t forget sunscreen and something skimpy cause the only thing that should go overboard is your inhibitions and the innocence of a few first timers! See you out there!

Sunday August 4th: PRIDE PARTY CRUISE

On board the MV Princess
Featuring DJ Adam Dreaddy
Performances by: Coco & Iona Whipp
Tickets are $50 (includes a meal)
Boarding at 4pm Sailing from (5-9pm)

Sunday August 4th: PRIDE GO GO CRUISE

On Board the MV Britannia
Featuring DJs Zach Shore & Kasey Riot
Performances by: Joan-E & Carlotta Gurl
Tickets are $60 (Includes a meal)
Boarding at 5pm Sailing (6-10pm)


On board the MV Britannia
Featuring DJs Del Stamp & Drew
Performances by Joan-E & Jaylene Tyme
Tickets are $60 (Includes a meal)
Boarding at 3pm Sailing (4-8pm)

(Regular tickets on sale at Priape & Little Sisters)