I should have written about this last week because I’ve been boppin‘ and groovin‘ to it all week, but one of my favorite bands, Vampire Weekend has finally released a new track from their upcoming album. Even if you’ve been on this song the last few weeks, if you haven’t, and you’re a fan, you’re welcome.

Although the boys’ first self titled album put them on the map for some great rock tunes, it really was their sophomore album Contra that catapulted them into the mainstream spotlight. I was in Australia when Contra came out, and have incredibly good memories of driving to the beach listening to hits like “Horchata” or “Cousins“. And then the boys left us hanging.

Now almost five years later, Vampire Weekend is finally releasing a new album on May 6th (UK) and May 7th (US), and they’ve given us a killer track that I can’t take off repeat.

Diane Young has all the feel of an organically fuller and more mature Vampire Weekend, with still some of the same notes that make them such a unique sound. They’re touring right now promoting the hell out of themselves and I can’t wait to finally see these guys live. I’m also crossing my fingers and toes that the entire album is just killer and makes me feel better about them being such dead beat dads all these years.

Vampire Weekend – Diane Young (Official Stream)