DAMMMMN that was a killer episode of “Vampire Diaries” this week! This Thursday, the vamps, wolves and witches of Mystic Falls, Virginia got together to create probably the best episode I’ve seen since the premiere at the beginning of the season! While the werewolves have taken over the storyline as of late, the very hot Michael Trevino (Tyler Lockwood) has been put on the backburner along with the rest of his lupine brethren to make way for the main plot of “original” vampires looking to kill the doppelganger Elana Gilbert and all that jazz. BUT, what the real focus of this ep was on was the witches of this hellmouth of a town and you KNOW I loves me some witches!!

I’m hoping Tommy still follows this show cause I can’t imagine his eyes weren’t buggin’ out of his head at the pyrotechnics and craziness of this magical showdown! I’m gonna do my best not to give away too too many spoilers but let’s just say there’s more than a couple deaths in the newest one and they are NOT just the typical vamp bite do-aways. Starting with the violence… YES! This episode is full of fights, anger and more flame fighting then we’ve seen to date. The magic is used pretty awesomely this one and really pits the different super characters against one another as we get to see just who’s the strongest and what they can get away with. But, it’s not all pointy teeth and psychic attacks, there’s actually some pretty sweet scenes as well.

Love is definitely in the air in this one, but in perfect “Vampire Diaries” style, nothing comes easy and for every step forward with the various couples on this show, there’s two steps back. I was initially very vocal about my loathing of the whiny blond Caroline but MAN has she really stepped it up this season and filled those big undead shoes! Caroline has swept me up with her maturity and realistic attempts to confront the newly-turned issue that often gets skirted over in bigger vamp flicks. She plays the every-woman who goes through what “we” would as she tries to figure out the best way to deal with family, love and her new taste for blood and this girl does it all with great hair. AND, a great voice!! The bombshell takes the stage this episode and gives us the classic: “Eternal Flame” by The Bangles and damn if my icy heart didn’t melt a little for the girl.

Sappiness aside, there are huge pushes forward in the plot with this episode and some amazing revenge kills and shocking bottle stabs that will honestly have you gasping (if you, like me, regress to being to a 13-year old girl when you watch this show ha). If you’ve been keeping up all season I’m sure you loved this one, if you’re looking to return to the fold after a hiatus of “Elena and Stefan will they won’t they” boredom then make THIS the episode you return for.

Admittedly, this wasn’t the gayest of episodes: the boys kept their clothes on (much the the chagrin of many a gay cougar viewer I’m sure) but putting aside the libido, you will be watching every moment of this one. I really loved a couple of the choices the writers made this time to not follow the norm as Dr. Martin’s magic wasn’t just “instantly” able to fix all his problems as it has in the past and as Damon (aka my boyfriend) actually rejected Katherine’s clumsy but typically successful advances. The show is growing day by day and I can’t wait to see what’s next! Keep up the great work “Vampire Diaries” cause I am on the edge of my seat!

Little lame, but the best I can find. This is the trailer for the most recent episode. It really does NOT do it justice, but if it wets your whistler and gets you watching it then it’s WELL worth it!