The big guy in the sky was on our side all day today. Not only did we wake up in a beautiful hotel room to beautiful weather, but we had our scheiße together at the proper time of 9 this morning, got coffees in the lobby, breakfast on the road, and took off running/driving.

The Utah landscape outside of Salt Lake City is something straight out of Outrageous Fortune, and we spent the day with our eyes peeled for the four fingers, and I think quietly felt like both Steve and I wanted to be Shelly Long. With red sandy cliffs on either wide of us, and a sky as blue as I’ve ever seen, we really did feel like we were driving through the middle America today. As Utah turned into Wyoming, the cliffs turned a beautiful combination of beige and light blue green as the soil changed. And then that was that. The raw Brokeback beauty ended, no mans flat land took over once again. Yawnsville. Someone put on the Taylor Swift.

Having eaten rather poorly the last couple days (understatement), we decided a grocery store was in order, and we ran straight into Rock Springs, WY’s, yes, you guessed it, Walmart. does. not. lie.

Faye found one person that didn’t look absolutely absurd at one point, until she realized it was Steve.

We made good time and arrived in Denver at 7:30 after 10 hours on the road only to kick our feet up at the (again, absolutely stunning) Hotel Monaco Denver, and collapsed in the Monte Carlo suite, put on Real Housewives Vancouver, and after Faye fetched some boozies, we popped a brew.

Our first stop of the night was the scruffy Denver Wrangler. A couple of pool tables and beards galore, the “man’s man” bar had a comfortable feel and walls of art imitating life where the drawings of men could have been anyone (but us really) sitting at any of the nearby tables drinking their beers. Very cool.

The second stop was X Bar, which seems to be the most popular bar in Denver. With a patio larger than the actual bar itself, top forty hits blaring and a wrap around bar, this is the place to go on any given night if you’re looking for every flavour in the skittles bag.

And then, shit got real. Steve and I skipped across the street to Charlie’s, and BAM, we were in everything that we wanted to be in, and more, when we had arrived in Denver. Shania and Sugarland blaring out of the speakers, couples do si do’ing, bartenders with ten gallon cowboy hats, and a completely separate karaoke room (of which this time we did NOT partake for the sake of everyone around at that point), we had arrived. I believe in my heart of hearts, that one of Steve’s washroom breaks was to let the mist in his eyes turn to full blown tears of joy in private. With every turn of the head, with every slight of the eye, we fell in love with patron and bar alike, and have EVERY intention of going back again.

Wait. Going back again? That’s right people. We’ve made an executive decision, we are extending our stay in Denver for another day. The city is gorgeous, the weather is beautiful, the cowboys are plentiful, a day of rest is much needed in the mile high city.

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