Photos Of Stretching 2012 US Olympians

Since Saturdays is our unofficial day for athletics, I thought today was the perfect day to share these fantastic images. Earlier this week, photographers were invited to Dallas for the 2012 Team USA Media Summit. At this event, Olympic hopefuls and legends posed for numerous photogs representing their respective discipline.

Naturally, Michael Phelps was the main attraction at the event. Reporters inundated the Olympian with questions ranging from his training to his post 2012 Olympic Games plans. Obviously, he wasn’t the only athlete there. I rummaged through the images and picked a select few *cough* hotties *cough* to share with you. If you’re an avid reader of, you might recognized a few of them from Patrick’s weekly Sports Stud feature. I hope other countries follow suit and release images of their athletes. I love me a hot Russian gymnast.

Michael Phelps, Swimmer

He looks ready to become the figurehead for the Nina, Pinta or Santa Maria.

David Boudia, Diver

YUM, he can dive into my pool anytime.

Logan Dooley, Gymnast

Ooh, flexible.

Dennis Bowsher, Pentathlon

His back is like a mole cluster. Give me ten minutes and I can come up with a couple mole constellations.

Troy Dumais, Diver

Well, hello package.

Troy Dumais, Diver

Well, hello face that comes along with previous package.

Jordan Burroughs, Wrestler

Pin me down, Jordan. PIN ME DOWN.

Nathan Adrian, Swimmer

I’m sure his strokes aren’t the only thing Olympian.

Travis Stevens, Judo

Growl, I’m a bear.

Brendan Hansen, Swimmer

Look at me, I pretending to swim.

Wallace Spearmon, Sprinter

Those eyes are gorgeous. Wallace is simply “dashing”.

Thomas Finchum, Diver

Looking for a splash-free entry.

Thomas Finchum, Diver

How about doing a backward 2 and ½ somersaults with 2 and ½ twists in the piked position over to my bead. RAWR.

If you want to check out female and more male athletes, head over to here and/or here.