UnReal: Lifetime Show You Gotta Watch


Who even knew this show existed??

Honestly, a behind the scene look at the crap that goes on in the making of a shows like The Bachelor? SIGN ME UP!

Honestly, I’m gay but my card doesn’t get so punched that shows like Bach and it’s female counterpart make it onto my PVR… HOWEVER, I am incredible intrigued by just how those women (and men) allows themselves to look like complete assholes and terrors on national tv. And, this is the show to explain how. Looking at the filming of a rip off version of The Bachelor, UnReal follows the cast and crew of a reality show from start to I’m assuming finish of the season’s taping and we get a front row seat for the horror of tv magic.

Okay, let’s get it out of the way: YES there are hot men in this. The gay character is too wimpy and too fay for me so I’m gonna have to take a hard pass on him. The “Bachelor” himself while cute is too much a dick this early in the show for me to appreciate beyond his British accent and cute smile. BUT, the real steam comes from camera man Josh Kelly who gets nothing more than a black t-shirt and yesterday’s hairdo to run around with and that does him JUST fine. Honestly, this guy is worth watching alone for.

But, the show is about the ladies. As are so many shows these past few years (and I love it). What UnReal focuses on is the naivety of women seeking either fame or love on these shows and what they’re willing to do to get there. As I type that I question how true that is though. Yes, these women will step on a toe and maybe even throw a glass of champagne to be noticed by the British stud, but really, it’s not until the tentacles of the crew get their hands on them do you really see how these “reality” shows are made.

I get that it’s probably a BIT over the top in terms of how soulless the producers and directors are to get ratings out of these women- but what do I care, it’s amazing TV. The show follows the protagonist, Shiri Appleby of long time ago Roswell fame, as she returns to her job after a mental health hiatus. Cast along side Constance Zimmer of Entourage fame, these two brunettes show themselves to be ultimately human, but with a thick veneer of selfish bitch to cover it up.

Honestly, the first episode had me questioning the feasibility of Shiri’s character in real life but by the end of it, when her dead eyes tell you: “Sorry, that’s showbiz”, you’re hooked. This show must take place in purgatory because NO ONE is an angel and yet no total devils either.

The magic of editing and production deus ex machina is explained in a hugely intriguing way on this show and I am giving this one my two biggest thumbs up for best new show of the summer you aren’t watching but need to be.

Also, I have to admit: I wonder who the bachelor will choose! Maybe I am that kind of gay!!

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