United States of Tara

taraIt’s very rare that a trailer for a TV show will grab my attention right away. Even my favourite show of last season “TRUE BLOOD” I didn’t even clue in until I had heard about it on some radio show. I’m a bit of a harsh critic when it comes to scripted shows. They can never really keep my attention, and then if I don’t start watching it within the first 6 episodes I just never catch on (Hello SOPRANOS, still haven’t watched a single episode.) Look at HEROES, I was obsessed with that show and now it sucks so hard, I can’t even watch 15 minutes of it.

So you can imagine how taken off guard I was when I saw the trailer for “UNITED STATES OF TARA”. I was channel surfing my million channels which I am very lucky to get and came across this stroke of genius. This show is the brainchild of Steven Spielberg and writer Diablo Cody (of Juno fame), and it stars one of my ABSOLUTE favourite actresses Toni Collette (I KNOW RIGHT!).

Let me set it up for you.

Tara is your average suburban housewife. Husband, two kids (the younger one is a homo…FABULOUS), she is a mural painter for rich women who have too much money, and too much time on their hands. Not much to base a show on so far right? Here’s the twist. Tara suffers from Dissociative identity disorder (DID), the updated term for Multiple personality disorder. (Yes I know, the one with the Alter-Ego loves the show with multiple personalities.) Whenever she gets really stressed out, or her emotions are too much to handle in her “normal” life, one of her other personlities takes over…it’s fucking BRILLIANT! IMAGINE THAT! You get all overwhelmed in your life, and then someone else better suited to the situation takes over! The downfall is Tara actually has no memory of what happened. She explained it once to her all too patient husband as having a keg party in her head, but she’s passed out.

Does she REALLY suffer from this disease? You be the judge. Her sister (who is made out to be, for lack of a better term, the “villain” in the show) doesn’t believe it. She thinks Tara does it on purpose. DID is a controversial topic, you can read all about it on Wikipedia to get the full lowdown, and some people don’t believe it’s real. OFF TOPIC, sorry.

So, she has three Alters (alternative personalities) that have become known to everyone around her.

aliceALICE – Alice is your June Cleaver-esque housewife. I like to think of her as a crazy stepford wife kinda woman. She is always baking goods, cleaning the house, but also has that hidden side I believe all those crazy housewives had back in the day. Drinking in private (as evidenced by Tara saying that she has to clean off her lipstick from all the martini glasses) being the main one. She has also revealed that she takes care of all the other Alters in Tara’s head. “The Keeper of the Alters” so to speak. SHE IS MY FAVOURITE!

tT – T is a 15-16 year old, pot smoking super horned up teenager. She is super tight with Tara’s daughter Kate, usually going on shopping sprees, and going to arcade’s, and trying to get nailed by Tara’s husband Max.  They have slept together once in the past, but Tara and Max decided that even though it is Tara’s body, it’s not her mind and that it would not work from then on…weird. 

buckBUCK – Buck is Tara’s only male Alter. He’s your typical trailer park pig. He explains his lack of a penis by being in Vietnam and having it blown up…HA! He has a gun name Persephone and likes to spend his time at the gun range. He is also lefthanded.

These three have been dominating her life, but there is a new one coming.

GIMME – Not much is known about Gimme other than it’s name, which Alice let slip last week, and that it is completely animalistic. This Alter, I’m assuming, is to represent Tara’s rage.

The fun thing about this show is WHO KNOWS how many more Alters will come out. I hope it’s not too many, then we’ll get a “Heores” type syndrome…too many characters no one cares about.

Toni Collette is DIVINE in this role. I mean, she has to play 5 different parts, and she is completely believable in each one (including BUCK). If she doesn’t get an Emmy or a Golden Globe for this role, I will die of shock!

It airs on Showtime in the states, but thanks to the genius of the world wide web, I have found every episode online. CLICK HERE  to check them out!

  • Stephen

    Love Love Love Toni Collette. I will definitely be checking this one out. Thanks for the heads up Tommy!

  • Tommy D

    You don’t even know, it’s the greatest show in such a long time. I was worried that the writing would be very Juno-like…but it isn’t. Its perfection.

  • Adam

    I have been watching this since day one and LOVE it.. newest episode has toni in a bathing suit and jesus she has been working on her body!! ps. if anyone starts watching and finds out the song played at the end when everyone goes to sleep, i’d kill to know it!!