Watch A Trailer For James Franco’s “Undergrads” Series

Today, James Franco posted the online trailer to a new show he’s been working on called “Undergrads“. I didn’t even know he was working on such a show. The show was created by Bandini Productions, a film company created back in 2003 by long time friends James Franco and Vince Jolivette. Given that he created a new Twitter account called JamesFrancoTV and that the trailer is hosted on his own site with the same name, one can only assume this is a new web series he’s hoping will get picked up? There will be a new episode every Thursday at 8pm.

The reality show features a group of undergrads as they date, party, and knock things off their bucket list. The lead characters appear to be Paley, Claire, Colin, and Keelin. Given the style filming and the age of the cast, the show reminds me of “Peak Season” crossed with “Laguna Beach“. Check out the trailer below.

In case you’re wondering, the song played in the trailer is called “Nights of the Living Dead” by Tilly and the Wall.