Watch out Jersey Shore, the gays are coming out to gay in GTL! A new Jersey Shore style reality show is in the works, currently titled “Under The Boardwalk,” which will feature an all LGBT cast. Try-outs for the new MTV show are being held on February 5th at Club In Or Out in Hammonton, New Jersey. A pilot is going to be filmed this spring and if all goes well, and entire season will be filmed in the summer.

The producers say the key is not just if they gay, but more that they want them to have big personalities. Makes sense if you look at who was cast in Jersey Shore.

NBC takes a look at the concept of the show and some of the people that are interested in auditioning. “I’m like a Snooki but a gay version which is 20 times worse,” says an eager lesbian. “I’m a lipstick lesbian and we are all crazy jealous. If I’m living in a house with someone like me, there’s going to be a problem!” Sounds like it could be another trashy hit for MTV!