“Smash” Recruits Uma Thurman For A Substantial Role

As if the hype surrounding “Smash” wasn’t deafening already. Now with The Bride from “Kill Bill” signed on to show off her vocal chops on the NBC show, my ear drums are in serious danger of popping out. In a press release by the network, Uma Thurman has signed on for a five episode story arc. With “Glee” losing favor with the general masses, “Smash” is in a prime position to takeover as the watercooler musical show of the television season.

When I first heard NBC was holding off premiering “Smash” til midseason, I thought they were crazy. The pilot was generating huge buzz and boasted a stellar cast including Debra Messing, Angelica Huston and Katharine McPhee. In hindsight, it was a wise decision. Not only does the show not have to compete with the slew of new programs debuting in the Fall, but NBC gives it a plum spot the day after the network airs The Super Bowl. Expect to see a lot of promos during the big game for this new show.

Just in case you didn’t know the premise of the musical drama series, here’s the quick rundown. “Smash” will tell the story of life behind the scenes of trying to launch a new musical based on the life of Marilyn Monroe on a Broadway stage. The show will follow the triumphs and heartbreaks of everyone involved.

Thurman is reportedly playing a difficult Hollywood movie star being wooed to play the part of Marilyn. In the vein of “Law & Order“, her story arc is slightly ripped from the headlines. In the past several years, Hollywood actors have taken over lead roles in musicals despite their lack of singing or dancing talent. Much like how actresses replaced models on fashion magazines… it’s all about money. Marquee names sell out theaters, where as legitimate theater actors who may be talented don’t bring in the same business.

I’ve been a huge fan of Uma for several years. I just hope Steven Speilberg who’s producing “Smash” utilizes her better than Mel Brooks did in that awful film adaptation of the musical “The Producers“. Are you looking forward to “Smash”? Will it live up to all the hype? Post all your thoughts below.