So I feel as though media attention has been relatively brief for something that is so disgusting and horrifying, so I need to get this out there as much as possible because there’s a lot at stake in Uganda right now.

It’s the handywork of lawmaker David Bahati that has hit parliament floor Friday the 18th of December. The battle has now begun. And the fact that a group called The Family Life Network has come out to support this bill, just shows that no matter where you are, something resembling Fred Phelps’ blueprint comes up and rears it’s ugly head in support of hate. So what is it that David Bahati has presented to Uganda Parliament and that this disgusting “pro-family” group is supporting? Here’s how it breaks down in lamens terms as has reported it.

The death penalty. That’s what you’re looking at if you’re an adult over age 18 who has sex with someone of the same gender who is under 18. Or if you have gay sex while carrying HIV/AIDS. Or with a disabled person. Or if you are “a serial offender” who has gay sex often.

Life in prison. If you have consensual gay sex. Even if you do it outside Uganda’s borders.

7-year jail sentence. Anyone who “attempts to commit homosexuality” (i.e. makes a pass). Or anyone convicted of “aiding and abetting homosexuality” (i.e. providing a bedroom). Or anyone “promoting” it (i.e. introducing two partners).

3-year jail sentence. If you failed to report someone to the police within 24 hours of learning they had gay sex.

See now my panic?

The BBC did a knock up job on it’s website to ask the question of whether homosexuals should be executed to ignite debate. Wait. Hold on. That’s even an option? To even ask that as an option instead of take a stand and outrightly reject those ideas makes my stomach turn. With my most positive attitude I can still only almost see what they were trying to do in opening up a forum where anti-gay opinions can be argued against, but seeing “Should Gays Be Executed?” on a reputable website, in bold, makes me assume that the media-whorelike attention they would get from shock value overruns my hope that they were doing it for any other reason but. It’s gross. But hopefully some sort of positive debate has come from it somewhere.

There’s so many LGBT lives at stake here. Can you imagine being arrested and going to jail for 7 years if convicted for hitting on someone of the same sex? The amount of disgusting hate that is in the words that I listened to David Bahati speak about how the country is intolerant of homosexuality because it’s a “learned behaviour that can be unlearned” is just immeasurable. I cannot even fathom how someone can be as absently narrowminded about how much they are affecting fellow humans lives and psyches and self worth. How dare this man reflect his grossly misinformed opinions on a nation and sit on his throne. This needs to be stopped.