Tyson Ballou For 2013 H&M Swimwear Ad Campaign

I can’t believe I haven’t featured Tyson Ballou on the site yet. Shame on me for ignoring the gorgeous American male model until now. What better way to introduce him to you than with his latest ad campaign. PS. He shows off some skin 😉

Once again, Swedish retailer H&M nabbed the 36-year-old to show off their new line. This time around it’s to showcase their swimwear. It features Ballou cavorting around at some peaceful beach resort. A model’s life is so hard 😉 Tyson looks much better modeling these items than those après ski looks from their Winter collection. More skin, the better, I say.

Whether you’re more modest and appreciate board shots or dig the retro shorter styles, H&M has an option for everyone. All come in colorful checked patterns, bold colors or stripes. With daylight savings in full effect, Summer feels even closer than ever. I can’t wait. Check out the wide array of options below.

  • Tom

    What has happened to just regular speedos on the beach? I don’t like to swim in shorts.

  • ND

    He’s amazing looking. I’d guess early 20s, not someone who’s staring at 40 in the not too distant future.

    Is he Eurasian?

  • Peter

    @ ND Tyson Ballou is a 36 year old Texan (and he’s been modeling since he was a teen).

  • stranded

    Loved this guy for years. Not loving the jersey shore hair, it’s a bit Pauly D.

    I love swim shorts, but they’re hard to find. Either you get board-shorts, which i outgrew at 17, or speedos, which i don’t feel comfortable in or swim shorts for old men and boys which have a really wide legs that give you a bell shape. These seem fitted around the thigh nicely.

  • 36?! He looks A LOT younger…

  • DouggSeven

    Was he born without a penis? Swimwear shots with no bulge pics!?!