Well, at least I can’t complain there’s nothing to do in this city during the week tonight! Vancouver has this image of being a great city to visit to ski, to climb mountains, to hit the beach and to get the opportunity to pay $6 too much per shot of tequila, but when it comes to live shows of local talent in the pop music domain? Well, we’re not exactly bursting at the scene with opportunities to party like a rock star into the late hours of the night. Tonight that changes.

After two and a half years of fine-tuning and toning his instrument and his style, dance/pop artist Tyrell Witherspoon is releasing his sophomore EP “Scorpio” to what I can assure you will be a crowd of handsome men (I’ve seen the list, and trust me: I’m pretty damn superficial) and fit ladies in Vancouver’s iconic Gastown district at the trendy Electric Owl Social Club. Having watched Tyrell perform throughout the country and most memorably at last year’s Whistler Pride I know that the dancing will be perfected to a tee, the songs will definitely ring true for the crowd attending and the energy will be the perfect way to start off the weekend.

Named after his apparently very dominant astro sign, this Scorpio explains in a recent press release that he and his kin, “[are] a passionate and driven bunch and I think that this album reflects that not only in its creation process but in the lyrics as well.” With 8 different tracks that cover all the highs and lows of love and being true to yourself, Tyrell is sure to have something for everyone no matter your story. Tonight, he’s promised to put on 6 performances to show off as many songs from the new EP so you’ll have plenty to talk about after this one is through!

Who: Tyrell Witherspoon, local dance/pop artist (and warm up set by Jess Cullen)
What: Release of his EP “Scorpio” and performance live show
Where: Electric Owl Social Club, 926 Main Street
When: Thursday January 17th, Doors at 8PM Showtime 9PM
How: $10 and a good attitude.

One thing I’m most excited for is the work he’s put into this music with local (gotta buy local!) talent DJ Nick Bertossi. This muscle man of international appeal has not only mastered creating his own mixes over the years but is garnering great respect in the music world for his collaborations as producer with other artists to help perfect their sound and song. I’ve personally heard some of the to-be seen tracks tonight and can only describe them as a mix of relevant and au courant sounds that blend styles from the biggest names like Bieber and Minaj to welcomed and unexpected bands like Crystal Castles. Its’ gonna be a great night.

A dancer first, Tyrell brings his perfectionism to the stage and will surely impress having worked in the past with Wynter Gordon, Chris Cox and Martha Wash. So, finish work, get your ass to the gym and then get ready to enjoy some new music and killer performance tonight and no more complaining that Vancouver stays sleepy till Friday! Get a special listen to some of the new track we’ll be hearing and seeing tonight below.

“Scorpio” is available now for download on iTunes.

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