It’s always a tricky thing for me to write about something like my store or my fiance’s music because it obviously comes across biased. It’s the same for Tommy when he wants to write about an event of his. With that said, I do want to write about my fiance’s (aka fellow Homorazzi cast member, Tyrell) new Scorpio album because I’m really proud of him and saw first hand all of the hard work he put into it. Most importantly, I genuinely love the album and am amazed to see how he has grown over the past couple years. He and his producer, Nick Bertossi did such a great job with the album!


From the Homorazzi cast, myself, Adam, Donovan, Tommy, Matt and a bunch of our other friends went to his album release party last week to support him and I was blown away by his performance. He performed seven of the eight songs on the EP and had four sexy backup dancers that kept us entertained the whole way through. There’s one slow song on the album called “Lost In You” that Tyrell wrote for me and dedicated it to me when he performed it that night (*glassy eyes). The song has a ’90s boy band feel (which is what he was going for) and he actually wrote the song with Ken Lewko of Soul Decision fame.

My personal favorites from the album are: “Take You Home,” “Feel Your Love,” “Love Breakdown,” and “Lost In You“. Listen to the album and check out pictures (by Clint Trahan) & videos (by Hammer Records) from the performances below.

Performance Videos (2 out of the 7 songs performed

Tyrell Witherspoon – ‘Feel Your Love’ – Live @ The Electric Owl

Tyrell Witherspoon – ‘Superhero’ – Live @ The Electric Owl

Photo Highlights

The amazing Jess Cullen was the opening act for the night.

Tyrell busting a move with his sexy dancers.

Tyrell & his dancers performing “Superhero”.

J.D.S.P. backstage. He’s the rapper featured on “Take You Home”.

‘Scorpio’ EP – Preview The Songs