Anyone who’s been on this site within the last couple years has seen Tyrell’s name more than a few times a day as he covers everything from dance to music to the latest entertainment interviews. On top of his insane writing schedule he keeps up his long standing dancing career working with different (oh what do the kids call them these days..?) troupes/companies. With the four remaining hours left in a day, Tyrell has been working this past year+ on his singing career performing at events and locations around Canada, and today marks the release of his latest and by far most professional piece to date: “One Step Closer“.

Tyrell is most often recognized for his work on the CW’s “Hellcats” as a dancer but has come into his own as a solo singer and entertainer. Thankfully he makes huge use of his years of dance experience to liven his shows and- as you’ll see after the jump- his video today. Having opened for acts like Destineak, Wynter Gordon and Martha Wash, Tyrell has learned the ins and outs and dos and don’ts of this insane industry I wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole. The culmination of his work is most definitely the piece below as the official vid release for “One Step Closer” which he worked on with my good friend and local music talent producer/editor Nick Bertossi whose own work as a (sexy and bearish) DJ proceeds him. Looking at the ever-present issue of “the other man” in the gay community, Tyrell and real-life fiancée and writer Patrick Levesque flirt, fight and f… (KIDDING) their way through a rocky relationship that will probably remind you of at least a few couples you saw out this past weekend. Check it out!

Tyrell Witherspoon, “One Step Closer”

The video is shot in very recognizable spots from Vancouver that hilariously enough have probably seen their fair share of domestics like the one acted out here. Hell, I’m sure I’ve caused a few myself! Little known fact, I was suppose to play the part of “other man” but had to work during the tapings so our friend and model Darren Ewert took up the reins and gave a much more convincing performance than I ever could as the hunky hoochie. In the long run, the crazy couple thankfully seem like they might be able to make it work- despite the possible destruction of an iPhone 4 which would have been a deal breaker for me 😉

Looking at the video itself, I have to say: holy HELL I would never look that good in full HD. Tyrell- years my junior- gains an air of maturity in the opening scenes that I will never be able to pull off. I think if I gave that kind of face, the likelihood would be that I’m too drunk to realize what I was doing rather than me actually being serious. So, huge congrats on the handsome and haunting looks there Witherspoon! My favourite part of Tyrell’s performances are of course always the work he puts into his dance choreography and today is no different. There are some hardcore arms akimbo in this one as he So You Think You Can Dances his way through the hard beats and creates a well-synched and tripled up routine with some back up chicas giving some definite agro sexy face. Personal favourite were the solo moves on the patio and I’d argue the only thing missing is some hard rain… don’t ask my why but it just seems appropriate there for me ha. I tend to over-dramatize though so it’s possible that would have been too much!

“One Step Closer” Behind-the-Scenes Part 1

I do have a couple criticisms though: PUT.DOWN.THE.PHONES. I’d dump both of you if you were on your iMessage that much… however, truth be told, as I’m writing this I kind of realize that my friends and I probably look like this when we’re out ourselves, so maybe I’m just sensitive to the mirror being held up! Also, I’m not sure how voice modulating works for videos and in fact I’ve seen Tyrell perform this live on multiple occasions and it sounds nearly like this but I always prefer the more natural and soft tones of an acoustic approach so TW, maybe for the next one maybe something unplugged? Still, he’s a pop singer so I think I need to realize that this is how pop is done!

“One Step Closer” Behind-the-Scenes Part 2

The video was shot and complied with the help of Reel Illusions Entertainment who made this thing look ready for MTV and made me real realize this boy is hanging out at the adult table while I’m still playing in the sandbox. I love love love that proud n’ public, gay musicians are everyday coming out and standing for their “way of life” and think that we need to support those entertainers brave enough to put themselves into a world so heavily controlled by a hetero mentality. And, who doesn’t love seeing somewhere you made out with a muscle daddy a couple days previous featured in a proper music video?

I say great work to Tyrell for once again putting himself out there and pushing for his dream harder than most anyone I know. “One Step Closer” is currently available on iTunes, and Google Play and is a great visual amuse bouche as we wait for his sophomore EP set to be released later this fall. CONGRATS TYRELL!