Watch Tyrell Witherspoon’s “In Love” Music Video & Download The Song

Our very own Tyrell has just released his second single “In Love” accompanied by a steamy music video – which you’ll see later in the post. A couple months ago, he released the music video for his first single “Letting Go“. The music video took place at a house party and had a lot of dancing, which made sense for the upbeat track.

This time, Tyrell went a little more simplistic to complement a totally different song, as well as to match the heartfelt lyrics of the song. This song is really special to me because he wrote it about us (in case you don’t know, he and I have been together for about a year and a half now). When we said “I love you” to each other for the first time, it was at the beach one morning, as we sat in the sand, gazing out towards the ocean.

In the new music video below, we catch a glimpse of a sexy couple that are head over heels in love with each other – both in the video and in real life. Actually, the guy on the single cover in the header photo is the guy starring in the video. Starting in the apartment, the two wake up in bed together before making their way to the kitchen.

Some stunning moments between these two during this scene. From there, we get a bit of a (sexy) fashion show by the two lovebirds as they decide what to wear to the beach… and away they go.

As the lyrics go, “Let’s go back to the water, to the day we first met. The tide at our feet and the sun in set.” If you’re in love, have been in love, or want to be in love, you’ll definitely enjoy this song and video.

The song was written by Tyrell and co-produced by DubbulDee. Tyrell also directed, filmed, and edited the music video on his own – props to him. Very proud of him. Enjoy!


  • zurvivor

    he is so hot and beefy…too bad he is not gay.