Man Crush: Dancer Tyrell Witherspoon


This week’s Man Crush is an incredibly hot and talented dancer from Winnipeg, Manitoba here in Canada. His name is Tyrell Witherspoon (like Reese). Although not Legally Blonde, you may in fact recognize him from Season One of So You Think You Can Dance Canada. He made it to the finals in Toronto, but was eliminated in the first round. Two seasons later, with a whole lot more experience, he’s ready to do it again, having gone to the auditions for Season 3 earlier this year in Halifax. Season 3 for So You Think You Can Dance Canada airs Summer 2010.


He’s 23 years old and keeping himself very busy! He currently teaches Hip Hop at Kickit Dance Studio in Winnipeg and picks up other side jobs here and there. These odd jobs include teaching hip hop in gym classes and schools throughout the city, choreographing high school musicals, first dances for weddings, and so on. At the moment, he’s choreographing Hello, Dolly! for a high school just outside of the city and getting ready to head out to Edmonton for 2 months. There, he’ll be apart of Beauty and the Beast at the Citadel Theatre, which runs from May 1st-30th. Yep, there’s more. After that, he will be in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat back in Winnipeg during the summer.


Now, what you really want to know… Does he play for our team? The answer is YES! Is he single? The answer is no. Wah wah. Ah, well.

A positive influence in his community, good looks, killer body, wicked dance moves, and a whole lot of ambition, I think we’re gonna see some great things from this guy. Here what he said about his future ambitions:

“I would love to be able to do more shows all over Canada and into the US. I have been fortunate enough to work for Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines and see Florida and the Bahamas but that was just a tease. I would love to do more. Maybe a tour with a pop star? Who knows. I know living in Winnipeg doesn’t quite give me all the resources I need to succeed in my industry so I know move to a bigger city is in the plans for the future. One of my goals is start a program here in the Winnipeg that offers dance classes to children with families who can’t afford the cost of classes. I would also like to start a scholarship this summer for families to apply for scholarships for the kids to help them take the classes. I was very lucky to have a massive amount of support growing up from family and friends to be able to learn how to dance and I think all kids should have that same experience. I’d also like to teach more workshops for the disabled. I had an opportunity to teach 3 kids at a high school this year with disabilities and it was so inspiring to me the joy they had for movement and creativity. If I could get that going, I would be so estatic!”

Now, check out his moves. He’s really good.

Move Somethin’ – LL Cool J

Make Me – Janet Jackson

Crawl – Chris Brown

Here’s a few pics of him from the SYTYCDC Auditions in Halifax earlier this year. Once again, Season 3 airs this summer. We’ll be watching & Dan will be recapping.


A little interview with eTalk…


Learning the routine? Stretching? Both?

Check out his website here!

Photography: Ryan Wibawa for Virulent Valmont

  • Adam

    Careful on all the positive vibes regarding Ty and his “positive influence in the community”. He uses and manipulates almost everyone. Then, we he is done with them he dumps/forgets about them. He has quite the sordid past, both personally and professionally. This is neither good for the community, nor for this website. Perhaps needs to do a little better job researching who they put on their website as their new poster-boy???

  • Andrew

    Adam is absolutely right. Ty is an incredibly selfish person and he’s hurt more people than I can count. I’m a little embarrassed to have Mr. W representing Winnipeg on There are tons of gay individuals from that city who would make a much better candidate. Better luck next time.

  • Trevor

    Whoa!! RUDE! Way to be, Tyrell!!! Homorazzi made the right choice on this one 🙂

  • Mike

    Totes Hilar

  • just a fella

    fascinating! Pretty funny to see the “man crush” morph into the common-law. Let this be a warning to the homorazzi writers to maintain a higher level of honesty in reporting.

  • Patrick

    Actually, “Just a Fella,” I didnt know Tyrell, had never met Tyrell, and he didnt even live in the same city when I wrote this. So perhaps you should check your facts before making such accusations.