The OTHER Tyra Got Locked Up!

Well well well, not very becoming of America’s Sweetheart and The Next Drag Superstar now is it?

This morning I awoke to read the news that Season 2 RuPaul’s Drag Race winner Tyra “The Other Tyra” Sanchez got busted, arrested and locked up for marijuana possession while driving a car in the lovely state of Georgia. PEACHY!

Mini Ru Pt.2 had a friend with her and they were busted for less than an ounce of weed on them. But here’s the kicker, they were first pulled over for having illegal tinted windows, and the cop could smell raw weed in the car, searched, found it and booked em. HA!

Ok while it sucks, this is a lesson. This bitch is getting SO much PR right now and it’s throwing her back into the spotlight that you can’t do anything but laugh. You hear that Bebe? Get busted with something girl you’ll be back at the top. Bebe with blow? I can see it now!

Oh Tyra…get it together girl.

Sidenote: Here is Homorazzi with Tyra Sanchez in this Whistler Winter Pride 2011 montage video of ours.

  • Juju

    Snap out of it girl; you better pull yoself together!

  • Agreed, while we can all joke and everyone can be like it’s just weed. You better get it together Tyra. You don’t want to be known by this honey.

  • Tyra Hater

    Good to see the Be-otch in a mug shot finally. Please help me start a Haters Group of the worst winner of RuPaul ever. Pennywise the Clown should have NEVER won. This sorry attitude, ill mannered, snake took a crown when she should have been sent home when she/it was caught sleeping. I do remember it being a group challenge……she can’t participate in anything……like she knew she had won already….weeeeeeeks before the final three. It’s hard to watch the old episodes to honor the fallen, the sweet and very talented Sahara Davenport just to be reminded that the worst person with fuzz for hair would win. Not a homohater but a total Be-otch hater. Would love to meet and knock her down at least once. And I CAN ! Everyone, please help this housewife in NC develop a support group of Tyra Sanchez H8TRS. Raven, Jujubee, Tatianna, Jessica Wyld, Morgan, Pandora… all are talented and beautiful. Inside more than outside, not Satans brat Tyra.