Tyra Banks Critiques Regular Folks As They Sashay On A Treadmill

Watching last week’s Cycle 24 premiere of America’s Next Top Model brought back memories of the show’s hey day. Tyra Banks was back in fine form with all her whacky isms and “insightful” advice. God, I missed her and glad she snatched her seat back on the judging panel. No offense Rita Ora 😉

Since a new episode of ANTM airs tonight, I thought it was fitting I share this clip. Banks critiqued real people as they walked on the treadmill. From posture to attitude, the 44-year-old supermodel gave pointers on sass and style for the perfect runway walk. It’s everything you want and expect from Tyra. Check out the fun clip below.

Tyra Banks Critiques Real People’s Walks