Is Tyra Banks’ Forehead Getting Its Own Show???

Tyra Banks conquered reality television with America’s Next Top Model. Then she launched a successful (albeit short) foray into daytime talk. The 38-year-old model even wrote a New York Times best selling book, Modelland. And before all that, Banks was a one of the 90s biggest supermodels. Now Tyra, or as ANTM fans call her… Tyrant, is trying her hand at scripted television. is reporting that Banks, along with longtime collaborator Kenya Barris, are creating a comedy based on Banks’ high school years. Produced by ABC Studios, the show will focus on how Tyra transformed herself from a socially awkward teen to a world renowned fashion model. Barris met Tyra when they were 6-years-old and attended school together. This gives Barris, whose previous credits include FOX’s I Hate My Teenage Daughter, a first-hand account of Banks during these years.

“To be able to witness her career was wild, but to be able to watch Tyra grow up was nothing short of nutty,” said Barris. “I am blown away by the opportunity to tell not just a great story but a story that I remember so fondly.”

The name of Tyra’s sitcom is based on her most distinguishable feature– her extremely large forehead. The single-camera comedy will be brilliantly called Fivehead. LOL. Love it. Here’s hoping the sitcom is as tongue-and-cheek as the title.

“In high school, if you have glasses, you’re a ‘four eyes’, if you have braces, you’re a ‘metal mouth’ but if you had my forehead? You’re a FIVEHEAD,” said Banks.

What do you think of Tyra’s new project? Do you think it’ll advance past the pilot stage? Do you think ANTM is on its last legs? Sound off below.