Over the weekend, Homorazzi took part in a video shoot in Ryan Steele‘s latest video parody of the episode when Tyra Banks freaks out: “Ryan & Jeff Present: America’s Next Top Model”. Several years ago in ANTM Cycle 4, Tyra Banks lost her sh*t on a girl after she felt like she wasn’t taking the competition seriously. Rebecca Epley & Tiffany Richardson found themselves in the bottom two and in a surprise twist, it turned out to be a double elimination. Before she left, things got worse for Tiffany when she got an earful from Tyra on taking responsibility for her own actions. “I have NEVER yelled at a girl like this! When my mother yelled at me like this, it was because she LOVED me,” screamed Tyra.

Parodies have been done of this particular scene before, but it never gets old. In this parody, the actual audio is dubbed over the footage, making it that much more hilarious in my opinion. Ryan Steele plays Tiffany and Jeff plays Tyrant. The two of them recently did the same type of parody for a Sister Act scene. Oh, did I mention that myself and Tyrell are in this ANTM spoof as well? We’re the ugly girls. Wait… all the girls are ugly. Donovan couldn’t help but laugh at all of us when he came to take pictures of the shoot.

My favorite parts are “Yes, you can” from Janice Dickinson and when Tyra actually loses it (with the accompany jump reaction from the girls). Check out some of the stills from the shoot below, as well as the original version of the video.

Ryan Steele as bad ass Tiffany.

Just a few guys acting like cute girls waiting for the next scene to start.

Original Version