Tyra Banks Reveals Her Favorite ANTM Tyra-ism

While I enjoyed VH1’s revamped America’s Next Top Model with Rita Ora as host, I did miss Tyra Banks and her supremely ridiculous sayings. Without fail, the 43-year-old supermodel always delivered a new Tyra-ism every cycle. I can’t wait to hear what she comes up with when she returns as host for ANTM Cycle 24.

While promoting her upcoming Life-Size sequel, arriving on Freeform this December, TV Guide asked Banks her favorite Tyra-ism. Honestly, I was expecting her to say ‘smize,’ ‘booty tooch,’ ‘H-2-T,’ ‘Ty-over‘ or something else, but definitely not the following.

“‘Hoe, but make it fashion‘ is my all-time Tyra-ism,” Banks revealed. “There was one model that was looking very too sexy and I was like, ‘Ok, pose sexy in the shot, but make it fashion,” she revealed.

Watch the interview below to watch Banks recreate her now-iconic demonstration and learn why Banks returned to ANTM after passing the baton to Rita.