Now we know what Tyra Banks will be doing when her talk show ends after next season. Her Fierceness announced today on her website that she has written a novel titled “Modelland“. Her first foray into publishing will combine her two loves, modeling and magic (haha). Think Hermoine attending the magical school of “Haute”warts.

Modelland” is the first of three fantasy novels TyTy has agreed to pen for Random House. They say write what you know, and Tyra definitely knows the fashion industry. She’s even basing some of the characters loosely on real people and models from her life. Can we expect a Miss Jay caricature or evil witch named Naomi Campbell? Heck, if Lauren Conrad can write a best seller, I’m sure Miss Fivehead can as well.

Here’s an excerpt from her website describing what “Modelland” is:

The story happens in a make-believe place called Modelland – every girl in the world wants to go there because it’s where “Intoxibellas” are trained. Intoxibellas are drop-dead beautiful, kick-butt fierce and, yeah, maybe they have some powers too. (But I’m confirming NOTHING! Ha. You gotta wait for the book.) The story follows a teen girl and her friends who find themselves magically transported to Modelland, even though they’re really not supposed to be there.

Intoxibellas?!?!? LOL. She cracks me up. I wonder what other catchphrases Tyra will come up with. Can any of them top “smize”? She believes “Modelland” will touch the dreamer in all of us, between the ages of 8 and 80. It’s for everyone who wants a lot more FANTASY in their lives with a dash of fierceness, sprinkles of magic, spritz of romance and wild adventures that will have you on the edge of your seat. Cheesy or riveting?

Will Tyra, the author, achieve success similar to that of her modeling career and talk show or will it fail miserably like her film acting career and botched singing attempt? I know you have lots to say about Tyra’s latest venture. Sound off below.