Tyler Shields Gets “Revenge” In New Sexy Photoshoot

I was just saying to a few of the Homorazzi cast members yesterday that ABC’s ‘Revenge‘ is absolutely my favorite show on television right now. Now, this morning I’m treated to the cast in a sexy photoshoot with Hollywood’s “IT” photographer, Tyler Shields.

Connor Paolo, who plays Declan Porter in the show (and became famous in his role as Eric on ‘Gossip Girl’), is good friends with Tyler Shields and helped organized the photoshoot. He had told Shields that everyone in the cast was awesome and game for a crazy shoot. The group photographed consists of all of the “younger” cast, excluding Ashton Holmes who plays the “gay for pay” hustler Tyler Barrol – out to stir things up for Emily & Daniel. His character makes me so mad! Anyway, after the shoot was done, Shields agreed, saying on his site,”It’s rare that the entire group of people are all awesome and all game – they did not disappoint! This shoot was so fun and such an incredible group of people.”

Emily VanCamp looks fierce as always, and Joshua Bowman and Nick Wechsler look super hot. Also looking amazing (and like they just got into a fight) are: Ashley Madekwe, Christa B. Allen, Gabriel Mann, and as previously mentioned, Connor Paulo. Check out more of the photos below.

Check out more of Tyler Shields’ awesome photo shoots on his site: TylerShields.com.