The sexy Tyler Seguin is a Canadian professional hockey player that plays for the Boston Bruins in the NHL. I thought I’d highlight him for several reasons: (1) He’s a fellow Canadian, born in Brampton, Ontario (2) He’s only 19 years old and already a successful pro hockey player (3) He and his team just won the 2011 Stanley Cup…and this was his first year in the NHL! (4) Most importantly, he’s super cute.

He definitley contributed to his team’s win this year. He was put on the team’s lineup in round 3 of the Eastern Conference Finals. He scored a goal and added an assist in his first game, then followed that up with 2 more goals and 2 assists in his second game. With that, he is the first teenager to score 4 points in a NHL playoff game since Trevor Linden in 1989. That’s quite the accomplishment! Seguin has plans to bring the Stanley Cup to Toronto this summer.

Grr, look at those eyes!

Underneath all that equipment is a tight, ripped bod with a tattoo!

Seguin all sweaty!

How could anyone deny a smile like that? With a Stanley Cup win at only 19 years old, he’s got a lot to smile about.

Seriously, look at those bulging biceps?!

Bend and snap!! :p

I love a man in tights!

The song above was dedicated to him as Bruins fans cheered on their team.